The 2014 Luge Commercial shown and created in Canada is a response to then anti-gay laws in Russia. The commercial was aimed at people who are watching the Olympics and have heard about the controversy involving gay-rights in Russia. In the commercial two men are shown participating in the Olympic sport Luge. It is trying to use comedy to make light of the issue and to gain support from those watching.
The commercial is getting two reactions; the majority of the comments on the youtube video are supportive and saying that the ad is great and the homophobic attitude in Russia is wrong. One comment says, "I love how the Sochi Olympics have become The-World-Being-Passive-Agressive-At-Russia Olympics. Props to Canada, the US, Sweden, Germany, and every other country taking this opportunity to call Russia out on it's homophobic laws and policies!" -Kim Patton. Unfortunately, even though the ad is persuasive, most people who had homophobic opinions prior to seeing the video kept their opinions and it was just another thing that made them more mad. For example one person writes "This is disgusting," and another writes "I'm going to be sick."
In conclusion the Canadian ad tries to promote acceptance of gay-rights and has had very controversial responses. While some people have had their views slightly changed the majority of people who had opinions before kept their opinions after watching the commercial.