The History of Gay Rights in Sochi
DJ, Drew, Evan, Shaizore

BACKGROUND: (The Atlantic) Church And State are very close together. The Russian churc
by 1993, anti-gay laws were repealed. Still, homosexuals are abused for their sexual orientation is against of gays, making the State against gays. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, being homosexuality would land you in prison. However,
Symbolism: Google made their logo for Sochi Olympics using the colors of the rainbow. These colors represent
LGBT. The actual colors of the Sochi Olympic
background is purple with flowers. This can been seen as a friendly notion to the LGBT community even though they are not favored in Russia itself.
Emotional persuasion: The teen who was tormented used his past emotional experiences to convey

Citations:y fear to the audience and gain sympathy from those who listen.
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